My Vulnerable Confession

I read a book about being vulnerable. It’s almost a curse word in our society, isn’t it? To expose yourself to others, to shed light on your weaknesses, it’s a sign of being inadequate, right? We must “fake it ’till we make it”. Hide our insecurities and prove to people we belong. The concept I remember […]

Take A Moment

Life can be stressful. It never slows down. There’s moments we feel we have it all figured out, then the next thing we know, it’s pouring rain. Politics, relationships, work, money, and health easily become overwhelming. Sometimes what we need is to take a moment and just breathe. Go for a walk, vent to someone, […]

Life Update: I discovered Montessori

I discovered Montessori. A classroom with no desks, instead different sized tables scattered throughout the room. Colorful, wooden materials arranged neatly on small shelves fill the room. There is a bathroom inside the room, a dishwasher, sink, and each child has an individual mug for drinking water. Everyone is energetically working. Some students choosing to work […]

My Biggest Complaint is Our Complaining

I am a total eavesdropper. I hear stories from people’s past, people one-upping each other’s stories, and talk of the weather. I eavesdrop on people’s conversations I find completely boring yet just can’t resist.  I overhear lots of gossip. To justify this habit, I want you to know it typically happens when I’m alone or there’s a […]

What I’ve Learned From Watching Football

Ever wonder if football players plan out their victory dance for when they score a touchdown? I always find it to be very entertaining. Their chests puff up, hands usually fly into the air. Some run to their fans, most nod up and down, up and down, with the attitude of, “Uhhh huhh, I did […]

A Time for Reflection, A Time for Change

Are we all in awe another year has come and gone? H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !  ! !   2017 There’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to make a list of goals. This year, let’s be realistic. Sure, we all have ideal dreams […]

Home for the Holidays

 W E : A R E : H O M E The past 16 months has been enthralling, astounding, eye-opening, and a little bit exhausting. Now, we are back. Almost as if we had never left. Yet, so much has changed within us. I can no longer view things the same. My perspective has changed. 

Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Nature Park is located in a hilly valley of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. They own several acres of open land located next to a river surrounded with trees. This was our first visit to anything Elephant related so I have nothing to compare it to. However, the vastness of the park, how well organized […]