Welcome To Bangkok

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The men swarmed our bus as passengers exited and circled the pile of luggage. Countless, “where you go?”  buzzed simultaneously like wasps that couldn’t be swatted away.

It’s overwhelming. Dropped on a random street, in the dark, late at night. No wifi connection to direct you to your hotel. Taxi drivers determined for your service.

Us tourists are just naive pawns. Wide-eyed without a clue. Forgetting it’s a country you can bargain on all transactions. Trusting the random man to take you safely to your hotel.


It was time to upgrade from the island bungalows. We used some AMX points to stay at a nicer hotel. Nothing like a rooftop pool with a view of the Sukhumvit neighborhood. It was a nice haven for the few days we were there.


Our first day consisted of getting James camera fixed after the unfortunate event on Koh Samui. We took a long boat taxi in the sewage canal through the city. It cost ten cents to for a twenty minute ride.

Everyone stands on a wooden platform waiting for the boats. Then as it pulls up you step on, holding onto a rope.


Then two workers walking on the outside come and collect your money and give you a ticket. As the boat moves faster people pull the inside rope so the tarp goes up. This protects everyone from the mysterious trashed filled water.


There are many places to eat in Bangkok. A lot of streets to wander. Some key sightseeing destinations.


The Grand Palace was closed but we got a small preview from outside.


We did make it to Wat Pho a Buddhist temple complex. Here we found architecture unlike anything we’ve seen before.



The dress code is very strict. Most temples don’t allow women to show legs, shoulders, or cleavage. Some temples let women use a scarf to cover shoulders but others only allow an actual shirt to cover. However, men are free to wear t-shirts and shorts to their knees.


The Reclining Buddha is a definite highlight of Wat Pho. It’s like when Alice in Wonderland eats the wrong cake and grows too large for Rabbit’s house. Well it’s similar. The Reclining Buddha was much more impressive.




The day was spent walking around, snapping pictures, and admiring the incredible buildings and statues.


Thai Ministry of Defense

Khaosan Road is always on the top of lists of What to do in Bangkok. We went and it wasn’t that great. It’s lined with shops of cheap t-shirts and elephant printed pants. There’s a few overpriced restaurant and bars. Plenty of wandering peddlers selling junk. A local market would be much more cultured and interesting.


Ronald appreciates it though.

Bangkok. Can’t claim it as a favorite. There is always plenty to see in the big cities. Maybe there’s something around the corner I’ve yet to discover there. For now, the journey continues.


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