The Best Korean Street Food

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Our school is located only a block from market street. The perfect area to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and of course tasty street food. So what’s the best Korean street food?


I am so happy we were introduced to this. The correct name for this is jjinppang mandu because it is steamed. I love walking down the street and seeing the steam rise into the air, it means I’m getting closer to the mandu! 

Mandu Dumplings (2)

Would you take a look at the prices? Basically about $1! Mandu is a dumpling filled with onion, minced pork, and kimchi.

Mandu Dumplings (3)

There are different kinds – but the best is definitely spicy kimchi. The outside is a soft warm dough. Sink your teeth in and enjoy a spicy kick of kimchi and tender pork. It’s best topped with a little soy sauce, it blends into the spice, creating a perfect flavor. 

Mandu Dumplings (1)

It may be difficult to see, but these are about the size of a softball. I always want two but these are really filling and one is plenty. 

Makes me hungry just looking at the pictures! Oh how I will miss mandu! Someone please tell me I can find it in the States! If you ever come across it, give it a taste! You won’t regret it.  


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  1. Sounds delicious! I love getting your insights on Korea. Matt doesn’t share much about the culture so your blog is fun to read. So glad you are enjoying your time there! Matt comes home in just 3 months!

    1. So soon! How exciting! He’ll have to come back to visit so he can do everything he wasn’t able to do on his mission.

  2. virginia pettit says: Reply

    It sounds like they are similar to Chinese dumplings. They have different fillings but don’t know about the kimchi.

    1. That does look really similar! I wish I could mail you one to try.

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