Cheongdo Wine Tunnel

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We found ourselves crammed five in a taxi, which had already upset the driver, lost on a barren highway as the driver tapped away at the gps. I became irritated as I tried to spare some hip room and not land an elbow in a rib or stomach. Did I say irritated? I think I meant hangry.  

Cheongdo Wine Tunnel described as “popular due to its scenic location, elegant inside atmosphere, and its beautiful surrounding orchards”. It features wine made from the famous Korean persimmon fruit. Persimmons have a crunchy pear-like texture, orange color, speckled with brown, and a mild sweet taste. 


At this point we were now determined to locate the tunnel, we had planned this as our morning trip! Yet, our own local Korean driver couldn’t find it. He was, however, able to communicate his issue to a nice and very bored looking police officer in a nearby town. After a quick discussion, of what I assumed were detailed directions, the police officer jumped in his car, turned on flashing blue and red lights and escorted us practically to the front door! It brought smiles and laughter in the car, plus a story we’d have to tell later. 

Finally we had arrived, over payed the poor man, and made a couple stops at the food booths that lined the street. I attempted to fill the lack of substance growling in my stomach with a frozen grilled spicy noodle filled burrito. Soon after greeted by kids playing outside as their parents abandoned them to stroll into the tunnel. 


An impressive entryway, I loved seeing the wine bottles line the walls and ceiling. However, I got a feeling this place didn’t know what it wanted to be. Was it going for classy, romantic, antique, or kid friendly? There was definitely no coherent theme.



For the size of the tunnel it was definitely lacking decor and pizzazz. I don’t want to speak for everyone but for me I slowly strolled, nodded, and pondered with thoughts of ahh, ok, so THIS is a wine tunnel, hmmm… 



Something for the kids? … Well, actually I kind of liked this section. Donated art from the local school? Not sure about this one.

Although it wasn’t anything spectacular it was pretty neat to walk through an old train tunnel. I mean for a mere 3,000 won we were able to continue to the end of the tunnel, embellished by cheap red laser lights creating silhouettes of dinosaurs grazing across the tunnel walls. 

It’s one of those things that I can now cross off the list. If I hadn’t gone I’d still be wondering, “what’s that wine tunnel all about in Cheongdo?” 


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  1. virginia pettit says: Reply

    Where do you find all these interesting places?

    1. This one our coworker found, not sure how she found it!

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