Our First Stop: Dalat, Vietnam

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The route to Dalat consisted of winding roads up and down along mountainsides. The temperature changed from cool to warm to hot and back to cool again. The roads were smooth with practically zero potholes or loose gravel. The motorcycle climbed up the mountain causing me to shiver. It was a lot of fun riding with James, admiring the views along the way.



Dalat felt like summer during the day and late fall at night.  It is often claimed to be similar to the French Alps. It was originally built as a resort city by the French.

dsc03513Having our own transportation makes sightseeing so much easier! I don’t think we’ll ever be able to vacation the same again. Instead of relying on taxis or buses we were able to go when and where we wanted.

Google maps have been a lifesaver, guiding us along the way. Sometimes it can be frustrating when it says, You have arrived at your destination, and it’s nowhere in sight.

This was definitely the case on the way to cable car.  A few wrong turns until we finally found it.


It was early September when we arrived. I felt foolish for only having a rain jacket as my warmest gear. The temperature changed drastically at night and I was left shivering. People were walking around the city bundled in winter coats, some with scarves too. Our hotel didn’t have the typical a/c or fan either. It was cold!


The Crazy House was designed by Đặng Việt Nga. She had to fight her way to build something that appeared to be so obscure. The community was not supportive of the architecture. It began in 1990 and is still incomplete.


It has been transformed into a guest house to help cover costs of construction. Staircases go in several directions leading to a variety of nooks and odd shaped windows. It felt like an adults’ playground or maze and has a great view of Dalat.


dsc03505Elephant Falls is one of the must-sees on the tourist loop. I’m grateful for other travelers sharing their experiences and giving guides on where to go.

Unfortunately, it causes an abundance of people to flock to the same place. People go because it’s beautiful, different from their home, that’s why we go.

Frustratingly enough, the locals get wise and start charging overpriced entrance fees for things I think should remain free. There is no price tag for experiences. What was that slogan for Mastercard?… Something meaningful = Priceless.


dsc03532Pictures hardly do justice to scenery and especially don’t truly portray certain situations. Like in the picture above, the mist around the rock was splashing vigorously. I ended up getting soaking wet. Splashed by cool, fresh water was super exhilarating. I left with a huge smile!

dsc03541If you ever find yourself in Dalat, Vietnam and can only see one thing, make it Pongour Falls. Coming from Idaho I’ve seen some gorgeous waterfalls but I have to say this one tops them all! Should I even add a description?


James and I didn’t comment on the view. There were no words to justify what we were seeing. This was our last stop near Dalat and it was just … Wow. Waterfalls were hidden among the rocks. The more I stared at the water the more falls I noticed. It was a really special moment. We had a hard time leaving.

dsc03562Accepting it was time to get on the road, we took one last glance and started back to our motorcycle. On to more beaches, this girl needed some sun! Nha Trang, we’re on our way!


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