My Favorite Korean Food

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Wondering what we’ve been eating here for the past five months? Well it’s time I finally share my favorite Korean food. Drum roll please …

Dak Galbi!

Dak galbi is a delicious combination of diced chicken, sliced cabbage, sweet potato, onions, perilla leaves, tteok (rice cake), and of course the famous spicy red paste. The more gochujang the more sniffling and tears.

At our favorite dak galbi restaurant I’m pretty sure it’s the only thing on the menu. The whole restaurant smells of sizzling gochujang, (Korean Chili Pepper Paste) and garlic.

This tasty meal is cooked right at the table by several of the workers. Do Not touch the spatula! This is a time you don’t get to be the cook at your table, unlike some bbq restaurants.

Here is the pre-cooked dak galbi. Dak Galbi

It’s hard not to drool while this is being cooked. A blast of spicy steam always hits my face as the workers rotate between tables and stir the contents to perfection. 

Soon enough a worker will nod their head and say eat up! (Aka something in Korean – I have no idea, but it’s clear it’s time to eat!) 

Dak Galbi

Dak galbi can be eaten straight from the pan or wrapped in lettuce. 

Think you’ve had enough? Wait! There’s more! When most of the food is eaten the next step is rice and my favorite – mozzarella cheese! The leftovers are mixed with the rice – the cheese thrown into the middle and a giant rice cheese ball is created. The cheese melts and gets all crispy on the pan, it’s terrific! 

Dak Galbi Rice

Hungry? I know I am. Stay updated for more delicious Korean dishes coming your way. Enjoy this post? Enter your email below to get new posts right in your inbox! 


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