Busan’s Valley of Color

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It would be very easy to spend hours in the winding alleys of Gamcheon Culture Village. This is a place where every corner, structure, and stairway has something interesting to display. The history is quite intriguing, once being the slums of Korea it now attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

Gamcheon Culture Village 22

Anytime we’ve gone sightseeing, I find it’s typically best when we arrive early before the masses of people show up… Because in Korea there are always people close by. This was a time we woke up early. The traffic was light so we managed to beat the majority of the crowds even though there was a festival going on. It seems festivals can be found almost every weekend here, you just have to know where to go.

We dashed up the stairs knowing the best view would be from higher up. This area is a little Lego land of stacked houses and chic cafes. We wandered through unleveled cement stairs and winded around tiny sidewalk alleys. I noticed several signs stating, in several languages, to be quiet because this is a place where people actually live.

Gamcheon Culture Village (13)

Gamcheon Culture Village (9)

We whispered in awe of the little doors and painted walls. I tried to avoid eye contact with the ajummas heavily guarding their porches in disgust, as the streets starting filling with tourists, selfie sticks, and noise from the band.

I felt a little guilty disturbing their everyday lives but this is a really cool area so …

We arrived at the top greeted with a marvelous view. I won’t even try to describe the scenery, I’ll let the picture do the talking.

Gamcheon Culture Village (6.1)

The reason this is such a special place in South Korea, or more specifically Busan, is because of the color! Maybe I’ve been going to the wrong areas (not really) but I have not seen this many shades anywhere I’ve been here! It was like looking at a Where’s Waldo book, the more we stared the more details we saw. Each little building, roof, alley captured people and their lives of laundry, watering gardens, full on stoop sitting, or strolling around.

Gamcheon Culture Village (3.1)

Was I transported into another country? This area looks so different from the rest of Korea! What a change in scenery! The opposite side of the valley displayed a picturesque view of locals gardens. Too many people. No space. Can’t build out. Must build up! I suppose it’s the same for gardens.

Gamcheon Culture Village (5)


Gamcheon Culture Village (8)

Would you like to have your garden on the top of a point? It comes with a bonus of fantastic scenery!

This place has been added to the ongoing list in my head, “Memorable Places NOT to Forget in Korea” so I tried taking a mental picture. We continued walking through the alleys, stumbling upon paintings on the walls. My favorite was definitely the books!

Gamcheon Culture Village (10)

Gamcheon (4)

Gamcheon (3)

We honestly could not get enough of these tiny streets! Can I even call this a street? We should have wandered down more but really didn’t want to disturb anyone. It was surprisingly really quiet between the homes of so many residents. We walked through a few pathways and could only hear murmuring and dishes clanking. Along the way we purchased some street food and James bought a hat!

Gamcheon Culture Village (16)

Gamcheon Culture Village (15.1)

Gamcheon Culture Village (17.1)

Gamcheon Village is an extraordinary place for any person. The colors really brighten up Korea and add some uniqueness to the country. I’m not sure how the residents feel about it being such a hot tourist destination but I’m grateful they allow people to mosey through their neighborhoods. It was just the jaunt I needed to waken my sleepy homesick mind and remind myself I don’t have that much longer here and I need to be appreciating it all.

Gamcheon Culture Village (18)

Cars began to line the road and more and more people shuffled their way into the village. We wanted a quick escape from the crowds so we followed a path into the trees. It’s always a pleasant surprise when we find a “nature trail”.

Gamcheon Culture Village (20)

Gamcheon Culture Village (21)

The rain has definitely brought out some colors! If you ever plan a trip to South Korea, come in March or April, the humidity has already arrived and it’s giving me a little PTSD from last summer.

Gamcheon Culture Village (19.1)

We are always so happy to find an area (even if it’s small) without people and we feel so lucky when that area has trees, plants and silence! Let’s just pretend I’m not mentioning the echoing music and cheering coming from down the hill.


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  1. virginia pettit says: Reply

    Another memorable experience. Loved the colors and the quaintness of the homes and alleys. Beautiful pictures. You both look so good and happy. Love you. Virginia

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