Our Last Night in Vietnam: Hanoi

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When we arrived to Hanoi we knew our motorcycle adventures were soon to be over. The month had gone by so quickly. It was hard to believe we had just traveled all the way from Saigon. Traveling by mostly motorcycle and two trains we went over 1,500 km or almost 1,000 miles!


Now spending time to tour the capital of Vietnam. We only had a few days of sightseeing before returning the bike and leaving the country before our visas expired.


Prime Minister Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum

As always we found the tallest building in the city. It’s a must to see the city’s landscape and try to really take in the vastness of the surroundings.

Hope you’re not scared of heights!




In my mind Hanoi was another busy, smoggy city. Overcrowded with people and motorcycles divided by several different districts. Hanoi does have a lot of history and plenty of sightseeing to do. Most people spend a few days here before heading to their next destination.



When the sun goes down and the city lights appear there is a certain kind of beauty I can admire. The smog isn’t so noticeable. A different type of energy comes to life at night.

People close their shops. Then sit in small plastic chairs on the sidewalks with family and friends chatting about the day’s events. Their children nearby, run around with the other neighbor kids. Time slows down. Everyone seems to enjoy themselves.



Just like that our Vietnam travel days were finished. It’s an experience that opened my eyes to another world. Similar to the other moments I was having, it caused me to be grateful for my upbringing and the endless opportunities I’ve had.

Each day was a new, different day. Never knowing what challenges we would face. It’s helped me mature and mold my personality into someone that used to hide behind shyness and insecurities.

I honestly can’t say I’d be who I am today if I hadn’t of jumped into an unknown world. One completely out of my comfort zone. I’ll return with more confidence, having the courage to be unapologetically me.


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