Ho Chi Minh Trail

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We followed the little winding roads up and around the mountain. Luscious green trees provided plenty of shade. The road was narrow but well paved. After leaving Khe Sanh there was no one else on the trail. It was just me, James, and our little Honda Blade chugging along.


It was a full day of riding. I mentally prepared myself for a good four hours on the bike. Trying to let the scenery distract me from my already numb legs. Wanting to really soak up this once in a lifetime moment.


Complete serenity was my mood for the day. Weaving around the corners, spotting partially hidden waterfalls, chatting with James, and breathing the freshest air we’ve been in for a long time. The sun peeked through the clouds and there was a slight breeze keeping us cool. Not one worry could ruin my state of bliss.

Soon, everything started looking similar to Idaho, and I felt as if I were home.





Deep in the mountains, surrounded by trees, waterfalls, streams, and a river, there are little villages. Houses made from wood with palm leaf roofs. People live simply here.

Kids were playing near the water or with sticks in their dirt yards. Women were hanging laundry or cooking at a fire stove. Men were napping or walking along the road.

Most people we passed would wave and greet us with big enthusiastic smiles. Occasionally we would hear a Hellloo from the kids.




How many of us could live that way? Our concerns and worries wouldn’t be what they are today. Less stuff and “more time”.

It was amazing to stop the bike, stretch our legs, and look back from where we had just came. This picture is looking back from where we rode.


Can you see the waterfall?

One blogger wrote there was a small town with one hotel about halfway on the trail. We had planned on staying the night there but when we arrived the hotel was just an empty building. It was only 2 o’ clock so we decided to grab some lunch and continue on.

The majority of Vietnamese people speak no English. Some may know, eat, rice (pronouncing it rye), or bed, but that’s if you’re lucky. With hand motions we communicated that we wanted food and were pointed to the classic small plastic table and chairs.

Soon two steaming bowls of water, rice noodles, and meat was placed before us. Ah, classic Vietnam.

Pho. Some rave about it. I don’t know if I was just ordering it wrong (I don’t think that was the case) or if this noodle dish really is just bland. There’s no flavor! However we ate what we could stomach then hopped back on the bike.




It was a long day on the bike but surprisingly it went really fast! I had no complaints besides being very hungry.


Although it was dark when we arrived, we made it to Phong Nga safety. Looking back now, that stretch of Vietnam is one of the most beautiful scenic areas in the entire country!



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