Why I Left My Stable Job To Teach English Abroad

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When I graduated college I was qualified to start my career to teach. I was unsure about jumping right into it though. Sure, I had just studied four years and worked in many different classrooms but some how I wasn’t ready to take on a job. I had a dream to explore the world but the timing wasn’t quite right.

Utah State University

It was in June when I finally decided to apply for a teaching position. This is a very late start as most new graduates start applying in February. The phrase, “its all about who you know” became truth when I was connected with a principal and received the position.

Minor detail, the school was half an hour away and being the eco-friendly, commuter-disliker person that I am, I rode the train for an hour both ways everyday. I woke up at 5am! I look back and do not know how I did that. Now, the earliest I wake up is 7am.

Anyway, I worked with an amazing team, they were so supportive, helpful, and encouraging. I had 25 adorable 1st graders to call my own. I loved having the power of creating a positive classroom environment, learning how to handle a variety of scenarios, and teaching the curriculum. Every day was different.

Odyssey Charter School 2014-2015

I truly enjoyed that job! Yes, there were tears, headaches, exhaustion, but there was also a lot of laughing, smiling, hugging, and it was rewarding in so many different ways. I had to make a decision, do I stay another year, which could lead to another and another? Or do I take a chance and dive into the complete unknown?   

Isn’t it funny when something random appears in your life and ends up being the exact “sign, guidance, answer” you needed? It always comes in a unique way.

This time, it was a book. I’ve referenced it before and I will probably mention it again and again. Osho’s book, “Courage”. It was just what I needed to make my decision. I learned being scared and fearful is ok! Courage is not being fearless – it’s having fear and doing it anyway.

With the support of my other half – my best friend, we decided to get TEFL certified and start applying for English teaching jobs.

We both knew we could stay in Salt Lake City, continue our secure jobs and it would all be good. Then we realized we don’t want to settle for a “good life”. We want new and challenging adventures. We are currently teaching in South Korea. Check out how we chose Korea.

What hard choices have you had to make in your life? What helped you choose? I’d love to hear what things guided you to your final decision. Please leave a comment below to share!

Haedong Yonggungsa

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  1. I love this Crystal! I feel the exact same way! Teaching is so rewarding and exhausting at the same time! I want to read that book. I love you, teacher!

    1. Thanks Cher! You are such a supportive friend! I wouldn’t have gotten through college or our 1st year of teaching without you! Memories! And more to come!

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