Our Korean Apartment

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Welcome to our Korean apartment!

I am guessing everyone has been curious about the inside of our Korean apartment. This post may surprise you or it may disappoint you in some ways because our apartment is very similar to an average apartment. Maybe it has been westernized from all the foreigners coming through. 

Don’t scroll through the pictures quite yet, I’m going to try to make this as entertaining as possible and throw in some “interesting” details about how we’ve been living for the past 10 months … Has it really been that long?

After stepping through the door, there is a little ledge before walking into the apartment, this is where outdoor shoes are taken off and slippers are put on. 


This is the view from the entryway. We converted a little table to a dining table and sit on the floor Korean style. We almost always eat with chopsticks … I may have forgotten how to use a fork. 😉

Our Apartment (2)

This is our kitchen, notice all the trash cans for separating garbage! I like to call it ajumma style. Ajumma refers to the older ladies in Korea. They are feisty, pushy, and are often sorting through recycling. Oh, and they are not afraid to speak their mind.

Our Apartment (1)

No oven, no dishwasher, no sink garbage disposal. Any extra food is composted. 

Next up: bathroom. We are the only people I know among the foreigners to have a bathtub. I would consider myself lucky because I love taking baths, but I don’t think there’s enough bleach or shower scrub to clean this thing. It’s … pretty gross.

Other bathrooms I’ve seen only have a shower head which is connected to the sink, so if the knob is turned to the wrong setting, there may be a surprise shower. 
Our Apartment (4)

We were both really excited for a traditional Korean bed. A nice cozy mattress on the floor with a heavy comforter– is that called a duvet? However, surprise, surprise we have a typical bed with an old stained mattress. I really try to not think of how many people have slept on this thing.  

Our Apartment (5)Here is the living room. We have an odd old couch that are covered in curtains from previous foreigners — that’s all I know to that story. And thankfully I packed those yoga mats!  
Our Apartment (7)

To heat the apartment there is a water pipe system under the floor. This was the best during the winter! Turn on the heat and after an hour the floors are warm and cozy. I even tried to sleep on the floor once but turns out the wood floor is worse than the mattress.

This heating system works surprisingly well too, it heats up the whole apartment and after a few hours needs to be turned off because it gets way too hot. 

Our Apartment (6)

The porch is probably my favorite part of the apartment. The washer is here and a nice yellow couch. Although the view isn’t spectacular, it’s nice to slide open the doors for some fresh air or listen to the rain. 

We got these plants from a friend and I think we were both surprised they grew! Sadly, they didn’t survive in the winter — yeah I’ll blame it on the cold. 

Gimhae Apartment Porch View

View from the porch 


I’m not sure if you’ve seen these, but this was my first. It’s a huge expandable ladder near a door or window of an apartment to help make moving easier. Load up boxes and furniture and zoom it on up. Clever! 

It has definitely been interesting living here. This apartment is 3x the size of our previous apartment in Salt Lake and almost feels too big. It has kind of felt like we’ve been living in someone else’s apartment. It was furnished with books, dishes, and furniture so it never really felt like ours. We bought a few things to add a personal touch but I think we both knew this is temporary. I’m excited to see where we land next! 


Were you surprised about anything inside a Korean apartment? What are some ways you turn a new place into a home? 



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