Take A Moment

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Life can be stressful. It never slows down.
There’s moments we feel we have it all figured out, then the next thing we know, it’s pouring rain.
Politics, relationships, work, money, and health easily become overwhelming.
Sometimes what we need is to take a moment and just breathe.
Go for a walk, vent to someone, take a day off.
Something that clicks the refresh button.
A moment to gain a different perspective.
Soon, we will realize our worries are small and the world is this place full of possibilities, happiness, and beauty. Filled with people we love, people we are bound to meet, and experiences to teach us.
Each day gives us a new opportunity. 
Let’s be grateful and appreciate everything we do have!
The moment never lasts long.
So remember to pause, take a moment, and accept the NOW.
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  1. virginia pettit says: Reply

    Well said Crystal.

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