Behind the Scenes of Music Festival

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At our hagwon there are several events in the school year. Our most recent was musical festival. The KDLP students, 4, 5, and 6 year olds practiced songs, dances, speeches, and a play for the past month.

Extra events are held at a very high standard. This is a time when the school gets to show off and impress parents. It’s also how they “advertise” to new parents how great the hagwon is.

Imagine these very young kids memorizing lines, (in a language different than their native language), speeches, (also in English), and remembering dances, all while making no mistakes! Impressive right?

Practice was intense! I must say the Korean teachers worked their magic like they always do and it turned into a great performance!

The best part – I got to be in the play! My first play performance – I think I did pretty well. I was in a Korean play, “Nobul and Huengbu”. I played an Ogre and Swallow! Of course I forgot to take pictures! It all happened so fast! The other play was Snow White. Oh and don’t worry, when we practiced, the teachers didn’t scream at me when I messed up.

“Nobul and Huengbu”, a play about two brothers, one poor, one rich. The rich brother (Nobul) decides to kick his brother Huengbu, wife, and four kids out of the house because they are tired of feeding them. I’ll skip the details and say it ended happily ever after, with all the family living together again.

The day of the performance -students start showing up. With of course – full blown make up and their hair did! I’m talking blush, glitter, lipstick, hair spray, gel! I could hardly recognize some of the students, they looked so different! Also the costumes were very elaborate! It was quite the event! Luckily, I had such a small role, I could sit back and observe most of it.

(Photo-cred to Carlene, thanks so much for sharing your pictures!!!)

Watch the videos below to see some adorable performances!


After morning and afternoon Saturday performances, it was all over, just like that. It felt weird, so much preparation and practice, then I blinked and it was over. Maybe now I can sleep peacefully without the soundtrack of the plays repeating through my head. …”Cut, cut the pumpkin, cut, cut the pumpkin…”


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  1. It is amazing what children can accomplish when high expectations are set for them. Next time I hear ‘They’re six. They can’t do that,’ I’m going to play these videos. How wonderful to be a part of something extraordinary.

    1. It truly is amazing what kids can do when the bar is set high! Setting high expectations is one of the most important things I’ve learned about teaching.

  2. virginia pettit says: Reply

    Crystal, that was so precious. What an elaborate production. I am like you in not wanting to be so stern with those little ones. What is Hagwon?

    1. It’s the private schools in Korea. The students go to public school first then go to the hagwon for additional English study.

  3. This was so great

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