Back to the Beach! Nha Trang, Vietnam

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Nha Trang has a nice, long beach that is surprisingly empty during the day. It sits next to one of the busiest streets in the city. Although empty, it was a noisy beach. The honking becomes background noise and peddlers sell quite persistently. After the fifth or sixth No they continue on down the beach.


We noticed quickly on that the majority of tourists were either Russian or Chinese. Nha Trang has a lot of tourist information booths in Russian. Yet, it’s rare to see any English signs throughout all of Vietnam.


One of the few places to go diving in Vietnam can be found here. It was on our list of things to do but unfortunately I had the sniffles. I blame it on being so chilled in Dalat. We weren’t able to dive there since I wouldn’t have been able to equalize my ears.

Hon Mun Marine Protected Area is one of the popular places to see some fish but can be quite shallow. I’m convincing myself I didn’t miss anything too special.

Another touristy option in Nha Trang is taking a 3,311 meters long gondola lift to Vinpearl, the Disneyland of Vietnam. It has roller coasters, a water park with slides, some private beaches, and overpriced food. We were just about to go then decided to save our money for something else.


Instead we went to the mud spa! Thap Ba Spa is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. After a quick shower rinse, you’re directed to a small, four person tub. We walked up the steps and saw several shallow tub filled with liquidy mud. We slid in and covered ourselves in the cool slime. It was a little gritty but felt kinda nice. There’s all these benefits of course, good skin, health, blah blah.

After the mud bath, you shower again then walk through this tunnel of spraying water to truly wash all the mud off. It hurt! The water was shooting out from head to toes and once you’re in the tunnel there’s not going back! I had to push past James because it felt like my skin was getting ripped off. Ouch!

We followed the path and were pointed to a larger tub filled with hot water. We relaxed there then continued on to a small waterfall pool. This felt much better than the torture tunnel.

After that there was a nice big warm pool for swimming. And after that a lap pool with cooler water and then a medium size pool with jets.

A lot of time could be spent here relaxing and swimming. We went when it was raining but it was still really refreshing. Plus, we figured we were already wet, so why not?


There’s not a lot going on in this city but you can easily entertain yourself with the few touristy things that differ from the regular go out to eat and drink routine.nha-trang-2After Nha Trang we took a nine hour overnight train to Hoi An. This saved us from biking over 500 kilometers!

Our bike all wrapped up for the train ride.

Hoi An is a lovely little river city known for tailoring and custom made clothes. Keep reading as we continue our motorcycle journey through Vietnam!


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