Back to the Beach! Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang has a nice, long beach that is surprisingly empty during the day. It sits next to one of the busiest streets in the city. Although empty, it was a noisy beach. The honking becomes background noise and peddlers sell quite persistently. After the fifth or sixth No they continue on down the beach. We […]

Our First Stop: Dalat, Vietnam

The route to Dalat consisted of winding roads up and down along mountainsides. The temperature changed from cool to warm to hot and back to cool again. The roads were smooth with practically zero potholes or loose gravel. The motorcycle climbed up the mountain causing me to shiver. It was a lot of fun riding […]

Ho Chi Minh or Saigon Which is it?

Sitting on a sofa, looking at a map of Vietnam, we listened as Linh explained the best route. There were 30 days on our visas and a flexible schedule to go from Ho Chi Minh, (or Saigon, depending on who you ask), to Hanoi. We were minutes away from beginning our journey motorcycling south to […]

Phnom Penh: Authentic Cambodia

Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s capital and biggest city. We spent a week there relaxing with our friends Alexis and Lucky, a local. For what Phnom Penh lacks in sightseeing, it makes up for in authenticity. The Cambodian (Khmer) people are perhaps the funniest most friendly people we’ve met overseas. Haggling is appreciated, but only after […]

A Moment to Take it in: Angkor Wat

Men swarmed the bus asking if we had visas and Thailand’s departure cards. I had read about the scams to be wary of at the border yet we still were tricked into paying for a lost departure card. We exited the Thailand border walking along a dirt road towards Cambodia. The street was filled with […]

Welcome To Bangkok

The men swarmed our bus as passengers exited and circled the pile of luggage. Countless, “where you go?”  buzzed simultaneously like wasps that couldn’t be swatted away. It’s overwhelming. Dropped on a random street, in the dark, late at night. No wifi connection to direct you to your hotel. Taxi drivers determined for your service. Us tourists are […]

The Best Birthday Yet: Ko Tao

White sand beaches and clear water lures us in anticipation and brings a smile to everyone’s face. It was a relief escaping the stuffy ferry. Ko Tao begins with walking along the old wooden pier towards the city. Hopefully we’ll be relaxing soon with feet in the sand and a piña colada in hand. First, […]

America, Represent!

Being a millennial I often get caught in this debate of should I participate because … YOLO (You Only Live Once)? OR Should I be realistic and hold myself to my own standards and not let FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) convince me otherwise? Thailand is often associated with the Full Moon Party on Ko […]