Thiên Đường Cave (Paradise Cave): Phong Nha

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Wiping sweat from my forehead I walked down the steps becoming instantly cooled from the cave. Paradise Cave is one of the many caves in this part of Vietnam. Phong Nha is home to the largest cave in the world, Hang Son Doong. Let’s all take a moment and admire these outstanding photographs of the cave here.

After looking at pictures of Hang Son Doong I so badly wanted to book the expedition. It wasn’t long after, I stumbled upon the hefty price tag of $3,000 for the trip. Sighing, I knew this wasn’t the time we’d get to explore it. It just gives us a reason to return to this beautiful part of Vietnam! Although not as vast, Paradise Cave was not a disappointment! 


Stairs lined the initial drop into the cave. Our heads turned in every direction as we stood on the first platform. Neither of us had seen anything like this. As we continued down the stairs we were surprised at how long the cave was. Surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites, bigger than you or me. Do you know the difference between the two? Stalagmites go from the ground up and stalactites hang from the ceiling of the cave.


Paradise Cave is the longest dry cave in Asia, a total of 31 km or about 19 miles for us non-metric speakers. Unless you book a tour, the public can’t explore the entirety of the cave. It was discovered in 2005. You can read more about it here.



Our cave exploring came to an end at the last platform. Just in the nick of time before the echoing screams of an Asian toddler reached us. I couldn’t see any continuation. Where was the 19 miles of cave?



Paradise Cave is a unique cave. It’s well lit and has a really nice boardwalk along the way. There are several platforms for pictures and to scope out the different colors and shapes.

Phong Nha is a small town located near a national park and surrounded with many caves. It was a nice scenery change from all the beaches.


And now the journey continues on. Next on the blog the well-known Ha Long Bay.


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