Choosing To Teach In South Korea

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After becoming certified we started looking at which countries interested us. Europe would be ideal but it is very difficult to get a position to teach English without an EU passport.

After doing a little research we soon realized that South Korea and China were the best options for us. Although China is a very common place for people to teach, neither of us had interest in living there, so we decided on South Korea.

South Korea is a popular choice for a lot of people. As far as I know, every school has great wages, pays for a round trip plane ticket, and provides housing. This is what sold us.

We live in an apartment 3x bigger than our apartment in SLC, only paying utilities, I am making a similar salary to what I was making in the States, and our plane ticket was paid for! Sounds like a good set up, right? This is why we chose to teach in South Korea.

Another appeal was the teaching requirements, NO experience needed. There are so many schools in Korea, almost anyone with a TEFL certification can get hired. Some countries require a background in education or a few years of teaching ESL. 

There are two types of schools in Korea. Public schools and Hagwons. A hagwon is a private school for students to continue studying English.

KDLP, where we work, is a hagwon. Searching hagwons will result several horror stories but we work at a great school!

We are lucky enough to have awesome hours. We work from 9am-6pm with an hour lunch and plenty of prep time throughout the day. A lot of hagwons have later hours because the students go AFTER public school. Some hagwon teachers work until 9, 10, or 11pm!

I can’t speak for the public school teachers here, I have no idea what their daily routine is like but we love our hagwon! Sure, there are differences we’ve had to get used to but overall it is a really great school to work for and the kids are adorable!

Here are some pictures of our school, which were on a  previous post so I apologize for the repeat.

20150908_101423_HDR 20150908_101354_HDR20150908_101414_HDR 20150908_101402_HDR

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